Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Javelin Throw


Get your athletic skills out in the open and share them with the online comunity, proving your talents. If you want to compete in a super olympic games challenge, all you need to do is enjoy the javelin throwing games, ready to give you a super thrilling adventure. Use the arrow keys to make your perfect run to the end of the indicated line, and the space bar to release the javelin. Make sure you know exactly how far to go for the idilic throw and how to release the javelin up in the air so it touches the ground as far as posible.

With almost funny graphics and cute-looking characters, you will defintly enjoy the javelin throw game. Add to the level of fun, by taking some thime to stroll through the akward copetitors, choosing your favorite one to repsent you in the javelin throwing games. So start the competition and let the olyimpic fun begin!