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Virtual Olympics


You are a fan of sport games but you feel like you don't have the necessary physical training to participate in a real sports olympiads? No problem, that's what olympics games are for. You can always try different types of sports and finish the game at least part of the top three.

One of these olympics games that are available on the internet is Virtual Olympics. It presents a series of sport events, where you control one of the contestants. For example, there's the 100 meter running category, where you run by consecutively pressing the left and right arrow keys. As all olympics games are about time, score or distance, here too you can see a table showing your best time for every olympic category, on the left side of the title screen. If you want to improve your results, you can play the game again and the scores will automatically update if you score better than the last time.

You might think that all olympics games are the same and that you know all about them. But when it comes to controls, they are pretty different. While some of them, be it winter or summer olympics games, use combinations of keys to control different body parts, Virtual Olympics only requires the space key and the arrow keys.

Virtual Olympics is a fun game with several categories based on real sports, including 100 hundred meters, javelin or jumping. It is not difficult to play, the graphics are not great, but still decent and the sound effects are fit to a sportive competition. If you had a good time playing Virtual Olympics, you should also check out our other olympics games and maybe you'll enjoy them even more than this one.