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Javelin Throw 2


Get you mood, settle for the weapon and let's start the competition that will bring success in your life. Make sure you follow the instructions showed at the beginning of the Javelin Throw 2 game, keep an eye on the power indicator and calculate your angle and velocity for the perfect throw. Hold down the "throw" button to build up power and then release it to propel the javelin. You will get better result if you practice for a while first, so make sure you get the hang of it before you go out on the real field.

Get the feeling you are an Olympic competitor, as you prepare, practice and win at all online javelin games you can find over the internet. Enjoy the funny graphics as well and all the additional fun game effects. Even the crowds will go wild for your great throws, enabling you to feel like a total champion of javelin Olympic games. So there's only fun time ahead, just as you sporty side will come out to play!