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It is quite hard these days to find a good game on the internet, and mostly if you are looking to play 3D drifting games… but that is why we are here… to show you only the best games that exist! So, when it comes to good new street drifting games I believe that you can add Thump to that category!

Thump is between the few drifting games where you are given the opportunity to drift with a truck. If you know something about drifting maybe you know that it is quite hard and sometimes impossible to perform drifts while driving a truck in reality. That is why these games are designed… to give the players a chance to do something that they want and sometimes they can’t experience! So, the only chance for them to feel that thrill is to play 3D drifting games online and fill the void.

This game seams quite easy at the first look, but, as you might know, first impressures are almost all the time wrong… You will see the race track and the truck from above and that is how you have to drive it. You will also have some obstacles that you should avoid and also be careful for the road markings because they usually worn you about certain dangers. 

When you play 3D drifting games like Thump you will have to use all of your skills and instincts to perform the perfect drifts and in the end your work will be rewarded. You will start with an easy track and as you advance the levels will become harder – that is a challenge!

But when it comes to the controls used in playing Thump, you don’t need to worry because you don’t have to use that much… only the arrow keys to control the truck and perform the drifts and the space bar if you want to use your horn! I am sure that you will have lots of fun while you play 3D drifting games like this one. Don’t miss this opportunity!