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Drift 2 Max


How long is been since you have played an online drifting game? Now you can play one of the latest drifting game, Drift 2 Max, this isn't your typical drifting game, you don;t have to make drifts in order to get points and win the race, at this game you must beat your opponents to the finish line. Where are the drifts you may as,k, you should know that you are competing with drifting cars so at every corner they configured to make a drift, this makes the race a little bit harder.

Drift 2 Max is not about drifting is about racing with a drifting car and trying to get to the finish line as fast as possible, so this game is all about conserving the momentum in the corners and trying not to drift in order to save your car speed. Controlling the car is easy, you must use the arrow keys but don;t push them to hard or your car will drift out of control. See if you can control a true drifting car.