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Street Drifting


The purpose of these free street drifting games is to finish each level on one of the first three positions to get to the next level. Use your keyboard to control your car at these free street drifting games. Also be careful with your slides because they can give you some headaches. The timing and the exercise are very important at these amazing drifting games. Take your time and play some rounds and you will become a pro drifter at these free street drifting games.

Use your arrow keys to control your car at these free street drifting games. Keep up your car while you drift on the track to get to the finish line faster than your opponents. At the beginning of the game you will have to select 3 things. The first one it will be your spoiler. You can choose between 5 spoilers. Then you will need to select your skirts. You can choose between 3 skirts. And finally before you will press the Start button you will need to select your wheels. You will have to choose between 5 models. Pimp your car and press the start button to start this game.

When you start to play this game you will need to press the space bar key of your keyboard to start your engine. You will see that you will race against 5 other cars. On the left up corner of your screen your time will be displayed. Under that time the score for your entire game will be displayed. Try to use your mini map that is displayed on the right up corner of your screen, because it will help you to win the race much easier.

Street Drifting is one of the coolest drifting games online that you can choose to play it whenever you would like only on this amazing site. By playing this game you will definitely improve your skills at these free street drifting games. Enjoy playing these amazing games anytime you want and don’t forget to subscribe your highest scores. Good luck at drifting!