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Drift Battle


At these car drifting games your goal is to finish the races before your opponent. Use your keyboard to control your car at these car drifting games. Don’t be afraid if you can’t win all your races at your first attempt. Take your time and practice some rounds and you will definitely improve your skills and by doing that you will win all the laps, and finally the game.

Use your keyboard to ride your car over the track. By pressing the “g” key of your keyboard you will accelerate, by pressing the “f” key of your keyboard you will break, by pressing the “a” key of your keyboard you will turn left with your car and finally by pressing the “s” key of your keyboard you will turn your car to the right. Use these action keys correctly and you will definitely win all your races. The timing and the exercise are everything at this amazing game.

On the bottom of your screen your time for your race will be displayed. Also on the left up corner of your screen a mini track map is displayed. Guide yourself using that mini map because it will help you a lot. Also you can see on your screen your average speed, and your car speed. Faster your drive faster you will reach to the finish line and you will win.

You can choose to play this amazing car drifting game in two modes. The time run mode and the battlefield mode. In the time run mode you will have a limited time to finish all your races and the game and in the battlefield mode you will have to race against the computer to see which of you a better driver at these car drifting games is.

Drift Battle is a cool and one of the nicest car drifting games. Also there are other AMG online drifting games that you can choose to play anytime you would like only on this marvelous site. Enjoy playing this amazing game whenever you would like.