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Midnight Drift Race: Miami


If you like drifting games online, you will definitely love the midnight drift race: Miami style challenge. With some of the coolest, most luxurious cars available, driving around the exotic sea-view city, in the middle of the night, is most definitely a great driving opportunity.

Put your name in at the beginning of the midnight drift race: Miami game and so you'll have the opportunity of seeing your name shine among the best players ever played this game. Use "control" key to change lights, the arrow keys to go straight ahead or left/right, and the space bar to hit the brakes. Twelve intense levels are waiting for you and your driving special skills to shine through, and brighten up the nighty streets.

Drift and race at the highest of speeds, like this is the ultimate galactic battle of your life. If you push the acceleration pedal down tot he floor you will most definitely feel the high speeds and the adrenaline kicking in. So enjoy and win!