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Drift Revolution


Usually almost all driving games that you find online are quite rudimentary and simple also in terms of the aim and manner of playing but also in terms of their graphic. Well it is time do demonstrate to you that this is not all the time true because now we have some very interesting Ken Block drifting games for you to play. These games are very food when you take into consideration their graphic.

Also these Ken Block drifting games offer the player something new. People are usually sick and tired of all the driving games that you bump into on the internet, but Drift Revolution is among the few games that give their player the opportunity to actually drift! Drifting is something else… very different from driving and a lot more dangerous; that is why in reality it is practiced only by those who have the courage and money to do it.

This is the big advantage of the internet – these Ken Block drifting games can be played by everybody totally free of charge! But first you have to learn how to play them. So, prepare yourself to use the keyboard! After you start the game you have to press and keep pressed the space bar for acceleration and you can control the car and perform the drifts by using the arrow keys. You will see that it is not that hard, you only have to keep the car in the green portion of the drift meter which you and find in the bottom left part of the screen.

When it comes to their object when you play 3d drifting games like Drift Revolution you don’t have to worry at all because all that you have to do is drift! If you perform good drifts you will be rewarded with points that can make you a winner in the end! Now get ready for the adventure that these Ken Block drifting games can provide you with and be careful not to get off road!