Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Dangerous Drifting


Dangerous drifting is all about adrenaline. If you are an adrenaline junky than you just have to try the dangerous drifting games. In this game the contestants have decided to put metal barrels and firecrackers on the route to make the game more difficult and impressive and give the contestants more reason to pump some adrenaline. It is not just a adventurous and fun game but also a dangerous one. The barrels can change your cars direction or brake your windshield if the speed is to great and the fire crackers can give your car a punctured tire. Are you ready to take one the challenge and drive to the finish line in one peace? Than get behind a powerful drifter car and show your contestants whose the best driver around. Show off your master drifter skills and don’t let your car run out of control and into the sides of the road. Sow your sharpness and get to the finish line first cause if someone beets you your skills don’t count in these hard drifting games .