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Winter Drift


Are you ready to take the new challenge of drifting in a competition that will bring you money? These cool drifting games will now take you around a city full of money.

This drifting competition will not only bring you victory but also enough money for you to buy a new drifting car. It will be the one you have always dreamed of. Start your engine and drift for you dreams this time.

It has never been easier to drift around a snowed city where money are waiting for you to collect with each drift that you take. Just use your arrow keys to win as much money as you wish. Press the up key to move forward and the left and right ones to change direction. Don’t be afraid to speed up a little , this will add even more fun to the race. And if you sped up a little to much you can always use the low key to break. Nothing can stop you now to take full control of the car you are now drifting with.

These drifting games for pc are the best tool for you to become an expert and to exercise your drifter skills. At the same time dozens of money packs are waiting for you at every corner of the street. Drift them away and drift for money this time.

With these drifting games for PC there is no danger to get injured in your expedition for money throughout the city. You are safe but in order to stay in the competition you will have to use your ability to avoid obstacles and traps. Be very careful my friend as they can take you out of the competition in no time.

I am sure that you are now willing to stay in the competition for as long as you can, play these drifting games for hours and complete all 5 separate challenges of this game. The new drifting car that you could have never bought in real life is waiting for you.

Good luck my friend!