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High Gear


You could never has more control over the car you are drifting with than you can have now, in one of the best new drifting games on the Web. Behind the wheel of a car in this game you can become the drifting champion you have always dreamed of. It is fun, challenging and easier than it has ever been before. Just use your arrow keys to drift your way to the victory. Press the up key to move forward and speed up, and the right and left keys to change direction - these are the basic controls in most new drifting games out there.

With this game you don’t have to be afraid to speed up a little as you will have to overcome the opponents. Each of them can become the champion in these drifting games and take the gold medal home. But you are in full control of the car within this game and an expert in drifting . Just use your drifter skills and all the possible tricks to overcome those opponents.

Free drifting games online like this one are the best tool for you to show everybody what you can do behind the wheel of a car. Being in full control of the physics of the drifting car can be a big plus on your way to the victory. At the same time you are free to speed as much as you want because there is no danger to get injured in such a competition.

You can now enjoy the most amazing cool drifting games in which speed and drifts are the best combination for you to show your drifter skills and abilities.

New drifting games like this one have been especially designed for you to enjoy a real life experience that you will never forget. What are you waiting for? Get the game started and drift as much as you can on the track, overcome the other competitors and finish the race on the second or first place by collecting the minimum of required points which can also take you to the next level.

Good luck!