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The Jumper 2


If you are looking to play some diving games online for free you came to the right place. Here you can find all the best diving games on the internet. Now we have for you a game that you will love so much that you will not stop playing it until you finished all the challenges. This diving game online for free is being called The Jumper 2 and if you are a fan of on edge adventure, your meaning in life is to save people and you love seeing the world from a height The Jumper 2 is made especially for you! 

Now get ready to jump and hand out parachutes to those in need! This diving game online for free is a very realistic one. The first thing that you will see will be the impeccable graphic that brings out a surprise at every turn! The Jumper 2 is an online diving game that you can play both with your mouse and with the keyboard arrows. The aim of this online diving game is to collect the bonuses and teddy bears for gathering more points. Be very careful at the obstacles that come in your way because they can harm you. You can even get bonus rounds where you can maximize your score if you are attentive enough to catch them. Isn’t this an extremely fun and complex online diving game?

The Jumper 2 is an improved version of another diving game online for free which is called simply ‘’The Jumper’’, but you will see lots of differences although it has the same finality… you have to choose the objects to collect, dodge obstacles, you have to look for first aid kits and save some people in need – just like when playing any other superhero free diving game!

The Jumper 2 gives you the opportunity to choose whatever challenge you want. Just click on the flags on the map and let the adventure start! So, if you are a big fan of diving games online that are free or charge and very entertaining The Jumper 2 will fulfill your every need. It will give you adrenalin, adventure and a good feeling about yourself!