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Terry Irwins Revenge


This game is dedicated for those who like to plat cliff diving games and want to try something new, because what you will see when playing Terry Irwins Revenge I am sure that you have never seen in any game before! Well… this time a diving game will be combined with traits borrowed from shooting games. So… if you like both types of games that means today is definitely your lucky day!

These cliff diving games harmonically combine some features of shooting games with the thrill of diving in the depths of the ocean. This is the only time when you have the opportunity to experience something like this. Sow it is time for you to start a new adventure, to try something very different and see if you like it!

After you have dived in you will be very shocked to see that your character is holding a gun… Hmmm… and you start wondering… how can a gun help you underwater… what can you do with it… Well… you will see that your life is depending on you using that gun

Soon after you will see many, many catfish coming towards you… well… either you run from their path using the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrows or shoot them because if they touch you will loose your health and finally die. So… I recommend you start shooting! Also because if you shoot them you will receive points and this game, as many deep sea diving games, are concentrated on rewarding the one with the greater final score. 

Bu pressing the space bar you will be able to kill them before they kill you. These cliff diving games are made for you to have as much fun as you can and I believe that this combination is very interesting and can offer you what you are looking for. Not only some moments of entertaining but also a new perspective on how flexible rules are when creating a game.