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Blue Rabbits Freefall


As you can deduce from the name of this scuba diving game, Blue Rabbits Free Fall is a very active game. If you are in need of playing a scuba diving game that in less than one minute can set you in a state of awareness Blue Rabbits Free Fall is the one for you! If you are a fan of short and very interactive games this online diving game is just perfect for you.

Blue Rabbits Free Fall is very easy to play. What is very interesting about this scuba diving game is the fact that you are not diving anywhere, it presents only the way to diving. You actually have to jump into the water from a plane! On your way down you will encounter rocks and carrots which you will have to catch or dodge. So, the aim of the game is to gather as many carrots as you can on you way down. Be careful at the stones, they can hurt you and slow your free fall.

Blue Rabbits Free Fall is a very short scuba diving game that is being played very easy. At first you have to choose the drop zone you desire, the level you want to play. If you are playing for the first time you will have to start from level 1 and move your way up. Then you need to choose the character you want to jump with. And you are ready to jump! Blue Rabbits Free Fall can be played either with mouse or keyboard, so what is easier for you… don’t forget to look for the deploy zone, because only there your parachute opens! For more points try to land as close as you can to the center of the target! 

So, if you are not impressed yet try a round and you will love it. Blue Rabbits Free Fall is the perfect scuba diving game for times when you need an active game to get you out of a state of boredom. The perfect way to spend some free minutes!