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Johnny Deep


Just imagine yourself on your own ship, in the middle of the ocean… the breeze blowing through your hair and the sun shining upon your face… you can even smell the sea, feel the salty air in your mouth… what do you say about starting a new adventure on the sea? You now have the opportunity to play one of the most adventurous free diving games. It is called Johnny Deep and it gives you the opportunity to set yourself in the skin of a professional diver in search of the perfect spot to set a new diving record! You can do this only by playing Johnny Deep free diving game! So, let the adventure begin!

Johnny Deep free diving game is a game that replicates the adventures of a diver in his search for the perfect diving spot. It is quite easy to play and you will surely have lots of fun doing so. Johnny Deep is a diving game online for free that you can play only with the help of your keyboard. Just use the arrows to move around and the space bar to swim downwards. In your way down you have to gather some items that will help you a lot in your try to set a new world record. So, when you see gold, weapons, oxygen and first aid kits swim towards them! Be careful for the jellyfishes, they can hurt you lowing your health… so, in order to defend yourself use the ‘’ctrl’’ key to shoot if you found a weapon item!

The sole aim of Johnny Deep free diving game is to swim downwards as much as you can; to stay under water for a longer period of time and do your best at finding oxygen and defend yourself from the dangerous underwater life. This free diving game is not being played on levels, you can experience the divers’ trip day by day, and each day you will have one diving try… so, take advantage of it and prepare yourself for setting a new and challenging world record that, afterwards, you can bet again…