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Scuba Racer


Are you ready for another adventure? If you like competitions, fighting for being the best and if you like challenging diving games for kids we recommend you try a round of Scuba Racer. Scuba Racer is a very colorful and fun diving game for kids that everyone can enjoy! Everyone can play a round and remember the childhood times when they dreamt of becoming a scuba diver. This interactive diving game for kids is a very complex game that activates your surviving skills. You will learn how to dive deeper, how to swim faster and most important how to stay alive in that insecure and dangerous environment.

Scuba Racer, although is catalogued as a diving game for kids, gives the player several variants of game. You can choose from three types of different challenges. If you want to race against only one opponent you can choose ‘’Quick Race’’ and do your best to cross the finish line first! If you feel the need of experiencing a real race, against another three opponents, in a round of five competitions you can choose the ‘’Championship’’ play mode. And if you would like to see just for yourself how much you can resist underwater without dieing or if you feel the need to practice for future competition you can choose to play on ‘’Endurance’’ mode; where you will be competing with your own survival skills!

 Everything that you have to do in order to control the diver when playing Scuba Racer is to use the mouse to control the speed by moving it to the right or left, and the space bar to make the diver float to the surface. Just be careful that if you don’t bring the diver up he will bump into obstacles and finally die. Also be very vigilant, dangerous sharks inhabit these waters! Does this diving game for kids sound fine for you? So, now that you have found the perfect stunt diving game we recommend you start enjoying it!