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Territory War


This game is an interesting fighting game and you can play it either if you are a beginner or a professional. All controls are listed in the game so you only have to click on the command to you want your players to do.

The game faces two teams of players against each other in a turn-based fashion. You can see displayed on the screen the name of the teams, players remaining on the field and collective team health. You can also see some information about the currently active player on the bottom left corner. You also have the game options from where you can choose to see the map or quit the game. When it is your turn you have to options: move or stay. If you choose to move remember that you can only move a limited amount. Then, whatever if you stayed or moved the attack options will appear. All attack options or other options can be directly accessed with keyboard shortcuts, just look for the number on the top left. If you are used to download fighting games you should know that grenades can cause heavy damage and hit far targets. The gun only hits one target, but with accuracy can cause an instant kill headshot. The boot causes very little damage, but can knock someone off the stage for an instant kill.

If you have chosen to download fighting games and not to play these games online, it means that you are a good player, so you will be able to fulfill your missions and challenges while playing this awesome game. And of course, after that you have fulfilled your mission you can unlock a new stage and after you have finished and won the game you can challenge your friends at this game.

The Territory War game is one of the favorite games of those who download fighting games. Usually, these players also try stickman fighting games and other challenging fighting games that they can find on the internet.