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If you are searching for some stickman fighting games you should know that Achilles is one of these games and is also one of the most interesting and catchy games in this category.

Stickman fighting games are some of the most searched games on the internet. This game is very easy to play because you have to use your keyboard and your goal is to kill your enemies. You can choose between playing with some of the letters on your keyboard (w -jump, a – walk left, s – block/ pick up spear, d –walk right, t – swipe and y - kick) or with the arrow keys (the up arrow key – jump, down arrow key –block/ pick up spear, left arrow key – walk left, right arrow key – walk right, 4 – swipe, 5 – kick). You can disable your enemies temporarily by kicking them. If you are used to play stickman fighting games you should know that spears are most effective when thrown. A good advice for you is to revisit earlier levels to get more lives for later on.

At stickman fighting games you can see displayed on the screen everything that might interest you. At this game you can see the level, the stage, number of kills, number of enemies left and how many lives left do you have. Is very easy to play and you only have to pay attention at your enemies which may appear from your left or your right side. You have more levels of difficulty. At each level you have a certain number of enemies that you have to kill, number that increases once you pass to a more difficult level.

The Achilles game is one of the stickman fighting games that can help you to improve your skills at this kind of games and you can also exercise your attention for the dangers that might appear in any kind of games that you like to play. But if you are a professional in playing fighting games, and also passionate by cartoons, there is a good combination between these two, and this would be Dragon Ball Z fighting games. In this game you might meet with some of your favorite characters in the cartoons.