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Sweet Ride Skate


Like in every type of online skateboard games your goal is to make a new and a much better high score.

This online skateboarding game has a funny story. You bunny, the yellow one, has stolen an ice cream from his buddy, the green bunny, and then you will have to run as much as you can from your buddy, because he is chasing you. When he manages to catch you the game is over.

Like in every kind of online skateboard games, you will control your skater with your arrow keys. When the race starts, and the race is started when you click on the start button, you will have only two keys to control your bunny. By pressing the up arrow key you will jump. You will need to jump in your race to avoid the obstacles that are in your way. Also by pressing the down arrow key your bunny will duck, you will need to make this ducking trick to avoid the beehives that are in your way. Try to avoid as many obstacles as you can, because if you don’t do that your bunny will impede, and your rival will catch you from behind, and then the game is over.

The more obstacles you avoid in your chasing while playing these online skateboard games, the higher your score gets. When the green bunny catches you from behind, and believe me somehow he will, the game is over and you can see your score for this race.

Play and practice some rounds, pay attention to you obstacles, because in this way you can make a much better high score. At the end of each race you can submit your score whenever you want, or when you know that your score is higher than the last one.

Sweet Ride Skate is a funny and a lovely way to practice some of the online skateboard games available over the internet. These type of skateboard jumping games are relaxing and challenging at the same time.