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Gecko Skate


These skateboard riding games are for those who love to ride the board, mainly for those who love adventure and playing a fun game where you have the opportunity to do some extraordinary tricks. Gecko Skate is a simple, fun and colorful game that, at the first look, seams so simple that is suitable for a kid. But it is not exactly like that…

Even if these skateboard riding games are very colorful and the characters are cartoon-like they are not that simple as you may think… when playing Gecko Skate you will see that in order to play a proper game you need to use all of your skills and concentration. You need to prepare yourself for a very active round of skating! Be prepared to use both of your hands to play! Don’t sit comfortable in your chair because a rush of adrenalin is ready and prepared to be sent towards you.

The most important thing when playing free skateboard games like Gecko Skate is staying concentrated at what you are doing; and by doing that you can score higher and have a very good game in general. 

It will seam a little bit childish when you see the graphic of the game, which, by the way, is very good, and when you will see that the character with which you’ll play is a very funny turtle you will start laughing and think that maybe this game is not appropriate for you, but don’t let the first impressures let you down. Try and play some rounds of these skateboard riding games and you will realize that Gecko Skate is perfect for you!

This game is quite hard because you have to use more keys to play it. Each level you are required to perform certain tricks and stunts to complete it. Be careful because they are not easy. Also, you will receive extra points for doing other stunts that the ones needed. The keys used to play are the arrows – to make the turtle skate around the streets and a combination of space bar and arrows to perform the stunts while jumping.

Aren’t these skateboard riding games exactly what you need? Don’t wait any longer and start having fun by playing Gecko Skate right now!