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Stan Skates


At these skateboard jumping games you will roll down the neighbor with your skate, and you will have to jump over the obstacles. Every regular jump gives you a point and a jump over an obstacle gives you 5 points. Also there are some tricky jumps that you can do. Those jumps will give you 50 points.

In these skateboard jumping games you will need to use your keyboard to control your skater. Press the space bar to jump over the obstacles and collect the bonuses points at the finish line for each level. Also don’t forget to collect the special moves along the race. By pressing the up arrow key, every time you collect a special move, you can make a Barrel Roll or a Kick Flip and these will give you some extra points.

Also you can earn some extra points by doing jumps between your obstacles. Every time you press your space bar you will make a simple Ollie move, which will give you a point. At the final of each level you can see your score for that level.

Be careful at these skateboard jumping games because you can make only 4 mistakes before the game ends. You will see on the bottom of your screen a first aid kit. That is your health. Anytime you don’t manage to avoid an obstacle and you hit it, you can see that your health is decreasing. Also during the race you can see in the left up corner of your screen, your score. At the final of each level you may see your bonuses which will automatically be added to your final score.

When you lose all your 4 lives the game is over. Then if you want, you can subscribe your score, and by doing that you can have a proof in front of your friends that you are a pro skater.

Stan Skates is one of the hundreds of skateboarding games online for free on our site. You can play whenever you like theseskateboard jumping games, and improve your previous high scores.