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Skateboarding Santa


Did you ever think that you can enjoy free online skateboarding games even in the middle of winter? Skateboarding Santa is one of these funny games that can keep you hooked for minutes or hours. So if you like to play sport games online than this is a great choice.

You control Santa on a skateboard and you have to guide him on the street. The acceleration and braking is controlled with the mouse – take the cursor higher and Santa will skate faster, take it towards the bottom of the screen and he will slow down. A feature you find in most free online skateboarding games is the back flip ramp – you can use it to get some big air and gather some bonus presents. Clicking on the left mouse button makes Santa jump in the air to avoid obstacles or to collect goodies.

Since free skateboarding games are so popular now we are happy to see that even Christmas has a skateboarding feel to it. Whether you're looking for more serious free online skateboarding games or if you'd rather have fun with something like Skateboarding Santa, our site has you covered. Browse through our Skateboarding category to see more similar games or have a look at our other 60 game categories.