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Bony Skater


Skateboard is a very nice and interesting sport that can be practiced as a hobby as well and many people do it because it is very easy. It is also very cheap to buy the equipment that you need which consists of a large wooden board with wheels! These 3d skateboarding games that you will play in a quick-shotle of seconds are very entertaining because they put the whole action of practicing skateboarding in a whole other light. 

When you play skateboarding games free online like Bony Skater you will see how old this sport can be. You will impersonate a prehistorical man that has just discovered that he can slide down the hills on a large dinosaur bone with wheels! Bony Skater shows you how this rather modern sport could have looked like if it would have been practiced thousands of years ago.

Along with the entertainment that these 3d skateboarding games will bring you they are also very easy to play and the aim is quite easy to reach! You will play on levels and each time you start the game you will have only the first level unlocked. You will have to skate, gather points and unlock the other levels. 

You can do this by using the ‘’up’’ arrow to accelerate and the side ones to maintain your balance while in the air and to land as straight as you can. So, when it comes to playing nice 3d skateboarding games I can definitely say that Bony Skater is one of the best! It has all that you need… it will bring you lots of fun, laughter and don’t you forget about entertainment!

So, are you ready to start the slide down the hills of this prehistorical world? If you are that you shouldn’t wait anymore and start the adventure! Bony Skater is a game like no other! A game of challenge and skill… You will see that you have a lot of things to learn from playing 3d skateboarding games! Get to work!