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Skater On Beach


If you had any connection with the modern world that we are living in and you used to watch television as a smaller child that means you already know something about the cartoons called Scooby-Doo! These skateboarding games 2012 put this fun and clumsy character in the spot light and he will be counting on you to teach him how to correctly jump higher with the skateboard!

At the first look this game is showing everything! You will see a colorful game that does not seam to be very hard to play and which looks like it is concentrated on you having the best time and not actually on the competition! So, you can say that these cool 3d skateboarding games are only there for you to have something interesting to do while you wait for your time to pass. And what an activity it is? You will see how much it matters for a game to be well made, to have a good graphic and an entertaining soundtrack!

What you need to do when playing skateboarding games 2012 is quite simple and you won’t have a problem doing it. Just by the use of two simple keys – the ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’ arrows you can make Scooby skateboard jump higher than you ever imagined!

You will have the skateboarding ramp in front of you and Scooby on it with the skate under his feet. Start by alternate pressing the keys according to the position in which Scooby turns and he will accelerate! You will soon see that skateboarding games 2012 don’t necessarily have to have a competition in the middle but it’s enough to do something for yourself – your personal best!

So, don’t you wait no more and jump on that skateboard and start playing the most entertaining skateboarding games 2012 online! You will actually become addicted in seconds… I’m talking from experience! Skater on Beach is all that you need to make your day way better and brighter! Now all that I can wish you is lots of fun and enjoy the game!