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Icw Backyeard


The ICW Backyard Brawl game is not for everyone. So if you are looking for some soft wrestling games free, look somewhere else! This is a serious, tough game, for professional only.

First, choose your player. Among the five dead-serious and mean looking characters, choose the one that suits best your personality or state of mind. You can play with mean looking characters, with injured icons or with hideous ones that will scare off your partner in fight! So be careful and make sure you choose a great player for the ultimate match!

All free wrestling games will have you take a challenge against a mean-looking opponent, but this game bring competition to a whole new level. To intimidate, your competitors will look more mean then ever, trying to get you out as fast as possible. Keep your head up and you pride to a maximum level and strike back. Don't let your guard down and prove you are indeed the master of free wrestling games!

Have fun while you play the ICW Backyard brawl and be among the elite professional players of free wresting games.