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Wack Wrestling


This spectacular wack wrestling challenge game is here to show you how to fully enjoy a fun game, appreciating the graphics as well.

First, select and customize your players. You can have a cow head mixed with robot-cop arms, a dragon body and some furry creature's legs. Among all free wrestling games, this one must be the funniest ever, since it will put you in a great mood even before the real competition starts.

After playing and having fun in the first part of the game, it's time to get serious! Like all wrestling games free, this one will present you with a great challenge and you need to stay in the game for as long as possible, fighting and kicking, ditching the opponent's stokes and coming back in a revengeful strike!

When searching for those special wrestling games free, you can rest assure this one is among the best you can find, having great graphics and a great game play, interactive and very real, with sound and effects to please any pretentious player.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in the game, fight for your honor and be the champion of all wrestling games free, this one included!