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Dead Tree


Are you getting bored sitting in front of your television? Is it raining outside and it is too cold to play in the yard? All your friends are out of town? Don’t you be sad and depressed… play online archery games... They give you adrenalin, a feeling of power and a very entertaining way to spend your free time in a very pleasant way. One of the best online archery games that we prepared for you is Dead Tree. Fighting having in the background a sunset scenery you will feel like you are part of a fairytale.

The aim of Dead Tree is, along with another two archers, to exterminate all the enemies. You also have to be very careful that the arrows thrown by the enemies not to hit you. After you kill every invader you win the level and pass to the next. Be careful because levels get harder and harder and the enemies more and more. Doesn’t this sound fun? Start playing this archery game online free now!

When playing Dead Tree you have to use both the keyboard and mouse. In order to move the character and make him duck the hits you have to use the left / right, up / down arrows. For stringing and setting the angle of the arrow you have to hold the left click of the mouse while moving it, and then release to shoot towards the enemies.

This online archery game gives you the opportunity to play an interactive game in the comfort of your own home, in your room, without neighbors screaming you make too much noise. Dead Tree will allow you to play and then compare the scores with your friend. It is like playing in real life, but more fun. Because here not only you can play this fun game, but you can play more online archery games that are interesting and different. Some you can play as a challenge and some just for fun, having some laughs with friends and family.