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Ready for some more archery games online for free? Some people are in distress. They need you the most and their time is running out. Are you ready for saving some lives once again? If yes, we have to get going and start playing some online archery games; because this time we play against time. You have to be quick and attentive when you play the new Gibbets - a game that keeps you on the edge until the end.

From the beginning, Gibbets welcomes you full of color and funny replies. It is a very optimistic game even though sometimes you don’t manage to save everybody. In order to pass the levels and win you have to save a certain number of people. Sometimes not everybody gets to be saved and live, but in order to save somebody else you have to sacrifice another. The most important thing that you need to know is that this is all a race against time and you have only a restricted number of arrows, so, you necessarily have to aim for the rope, to cut it with your arrow and save the person. Be careful not to injure him because you won’t receive the maximum of points. 

While playing this fun, free archery game online, in order to shoot you have to press the left mouse button over the bow while holding it to aim for the rope. Then release the button to shoot and spare the person from a horrifying death by hanging. Gibbets is a very challenging game as every level that you passed was easier than the one you are playing now. It is also the type of game that makes you curious to see how the next level is and the next, and the next, and the next… 

Isn’t this the most fun archery game online that you can play for free? Yes, it is… it has dozens of levels of grater diversity than any other online free archery game that you have played before. Don’t wait anymore and get playing right now!