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Cruisin With Crush


I am sure that there are not many people who didn’t enjoy the animated movie Finding Nemo… that is why we prepared a game that has as main characters the characters from this famous movie! These cartoon swimming games have as a hero the funny turtle named Crush – the free spirited creature, a little bit hippy and chill who helped little Nemo find his way through the Eastern Australian Current.

Do you want to take part in their adventure? Well… if you are willing to embark on an interesting journey and let yourself be carried by the warm current, you should start playing these cartoon swimming games! You will be the one to control Crush the Turtle and make sure that Nemo reaches his destination. You have to make sure that they stay on course and don’t get out of the current.

Use the arrow keys from your keyboard to help Crush keep on track. When you play swimming games like Cruisin With Crush you need to keep in mind the fact that you move your fingers quite quick and try to stay on course. While you play you will see the way the current tunnel goes and you need to stay inside.

And also, while you are in the current, try to avoid the jellyfish – they will hurt you and decrease your life spam. This is very important because Nemo is counting on you to take him to the end safely. Also, these cartoon swimming games, besides a lot of fun and adventure, offers you the possibility to increase your final score by catching as many baby turtles as you can!

Yu will also be very impressed to see that Cruisin With Crush looks exactly like the movie. The graphic is extraordinary and the soundtrack will surely make you feel like part of the adventure. In what concerns these cartoon swimming games, I ca guarantee you that you will have lots of fun playing them; especially if you are a fan of animated adventure movies for every ages.