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If you are still looking for some new swimming games to better suite your personality, here is a very interesting game that cannot pass unnoticed. It is called Screaming and if you think about its name you will find that the game is not scary at all, as you may think from its title. So, don’t be let down by it before trying it. Because once you played once you will surely play it again and again!

Screaming is a simple but extremely fun game to play; you will see that it is quite different from other 3d swimming games that you played before. Maybe you were used when playing new swimming games to control a human character… well… now you will be transformed into a fish. And who can swim better than a fish?! Now I am very sorry to say buy this particular fish is not that good at swimming and it needs a little bit of a push to speed up. This makes Screaming that different from all swimming games!

These new swimming games are very fun and not hard to play. Everybody can play them, old and young as the only thing you have to do is control the fish using the mouse. But what is very important for you to know is that here you don’t need to avoid the other sea creatures… When you see a turtle you have to let it hit you, that way you will accelerate! Just beware of the stones.

The aim of Screaming is simple and easy to achieve… you have to stay alive as long as you can and gather points on the way. You will race against time, so when it runs out you had to have gathered enough points to pass to the next level. It is easy and you will see how fun it is to play a simple game that can bring you so much satisfaction! These new swimming games are created only for your own personal satisfaction and fun!