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Deep Sea Snapshots


In these swimming games for girls you will have to take some pictures using your camera while swimming under the water. You will play these swimming games for girls using your mouse. The goal for these amazing swimming games for girls is to gain as many points as you can before you reach the finish line.

Use and drag your mouse under the water in these amazing swimming games for girls to avoid the bombs and to take some pictures for these fish. You can find also a funny story at the start of each new game. Johnny’s super genius sisters have given him gills and send him to take research photos for marine life, but he’s more interested in finding sunken treasure. You will have to help Johnny to dive deeper and deeper, armed only with a waterproof camera, as he quests for gold.

To take a good care of Johnny at these swimming games for girls you will have to press and hold the left mouse button to charge the camera. Release your left mouse button to use your camera flash to scare the fish that are attacking you. The longer you press the button the bigger your flash light will be at these swimming games for girls.

You will also find some bonuses items playing this game. Those are the flash blast and the energy ball. If you pick the flash blast you will flash all the creatures on the screen, and if you pick the energy you will refill your energy bar. This energy bar is displayed on the right up corner of your screen. When you lose all your energy, you will lose a life. Be careful because you have only 3 lives in this game to complete all your levels.

These online swimming games can be interesting if you catch the pleasure for only one of them. Deep Sea Snapshot is the best game in his league of swimming games for girls. Enjoy playing these amazing games only on our site.