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Treasure Trench


Even if you're not actually swimming but more like piloting a sub, it's still fun to get your feet wet. The purpose of this game is to shoot different sea creatures and collect the treasures they leave behind. So go on and try some of our free online swiming games or go straight into Treasure Trench and see what it's like.

Be careful when shooting the snakes in the first level – you need to shoot the yellow blocks in which they explode, otherwise they will reappear. When you're done eliminating the creatures the treasure will flash orange on your sonar. Like in many other fun swimming games you can progress through a series of levels. Find the target in the middle of the level and press A to go to the next level or Z to go down a level. 

The excellent graphics put Treasure Trench among the very best fun swimming games you can play online. Combined with a fun gameplay and really nice sounds, this game is one of our favorites. Of course, you should also play some of the other sport games we host on Sport Games Arena – just browse through our categories and pick the ones you like.