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Sylvester 2


At these online swimming games you will have to catch as many fish as you can to complete as many levels as you can. You will play this online swimming game using your keyboard. Complete as many levels as possible to gain the highest score for this game and you will become a pro for these online swimming games.

Use your arrow keys to be able to control Sylvester. Watch out for sharks, jellyfish and eels, those fish will take some points out of your score if you don’t avoid them, and also the shark will take you a life. You will start this online swimming game with 3 lives. When you lose all these lives, you will lose the game. You can lose a life if, as we said before, you let yourself to be caught by the shark or if you get yourself without air.

Catch Tweety and he will give you some additional air to be able to complete the level. For each level at these online swimming games you will have to catch a specific number of fish. The higher your current level is the higher the number of fish that you will have to catch will be.

You can see on the left down corner of your screen that a radar is displayed. Using that radar wisely you can find the fish much easier, as they will appear as a green dot. Also on that radar your enemies will appear as a red dot and Tweety as a blue dot. Both will help you to defend yourself and to gain extra air.

Play these online swimming games also in a multiplayer mode against your friends. This way the game will be more interactive and funnier. Collect more points than your friend to defeat him or her, and subscribe your highest score to our site to see if you are one of best at this game.

Sylvester 2 is a funny type of swimming games for kids. By playing these online swimming games you can improve your skills at swimming. Practice some rounds and maybe someday you will go to a pool to swim to see how fun it can be. Enjoy!