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Beaver Dive


If you are a thorough person I have the perfect game for you… it is a simple game where you can get rich in the virtual world by gathering pearls from the bottom of the ocean. These 3d swimming games bring to you a new adventure and also it gives you a purpose.

They are not hard and are the types of cartoon swimming games which you can play endless. The only condition would be not to let yourself be caught by the dangerous sea creatures. So, if you are looking for an easy game that has the power to relax Beaver Dive is just perfect! It will even make you smile…

When you start playing these 3d swimming games you have to prepare yourself to distribute your attention on several things. First, before diving, you have to look for sea creatures and make sure that your way down is secure. Then, when being underwater, you have to be with an eye on the air bar and when you see it running out quickly swim towards the surface. Also, while being underwater, be careful when the seashells open and go to pick up the pearls!

As long as you don’t die by the lack of air or eaten by fish you are safe to gather as many pearls as you can. You can play as long as you want because Beaver dive gives you the opportunity to play until you die. You can even play these 3d swimming games for hours! Isn’t this fun? To be able to play a game as long as you want?

Also, it can be very relaxing to play Beaver Dive because you don’t need to use that many keys. All that you have to do is use the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrow keys to dive and return to surface and the ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’ ones to swim from seashell to seashell. The most important thing when playing these 3d swimming games still remains being careful not to remain without air… so, return at the surface to fill your lungs!