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Cops From Hell


We all seen those high speed chases on the motorway on TV, now you have the chance to play the role of the cop that has to catch the bad guys. Cops From Hell is the perfect driving games if you are the type of guy that gets things done no matter what.

There are other flash racing games like this but, Cops From Hell comes with something new, in order to catch the bad guy you can't hit him with the cop car you must smash in other cars that will smash in the other car, this is the only way you can finish him, his doesn't make much sense but is very fun to do. This is not all the bad guy is ahead with a few miles so you must catch up and this is more fun if you smash everything in your way, just take into account that your car has a life and you should destroy it.

It is always fun to play racing games but when there are accidents involved it is more fun than usual.