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Ultimate Dodgeball


The ultimate dodegball game is here and all of your dive, duck, dodge and dive skills will be put to test. Prove your ability to win these kind of games and be the hero that doesn't get hit at all.

To start the fun, you have to get through the first level. This super challenge has two levels and your task is to beat your opponent every time. Make sure you seize every hit, because it's worth 50 points! Like all online dodgeball games, this one will have your attention high to a maximum. To get through the first level, you need to have at least 500 points, and to win the entire challenge, you will need at least 1000 points. Even if you know how to play dodgeball games, this might be not such an easy task for you.

Here are the simple rules on how to play: To pick up a ball, move your player's hand over the ball. Use your mouse to move around and select the ball to throw at your opponent. Pay attention on your power meter, since it will indicate how powerful your throw will be! Since you know how to play dodgeball games, the rules are pretty simple and your way to victory pretty paved.

Nevertheless, don't underestimate this special challenge. You'll get plenty of occasions to play dodegeball games, but this is the ultimate challenge. Your opponent will also get his advantage if you don't pay attention, and you won't win that easily. Plus, the score resets after first level, so all of your points will be worthless in the second round.

You will need to prove yourself over and over, showing your dodge abilities and concentration skills.

So what are you waiting for? Join the fun and play dodgeball games to be the ultimate challenger and winner in this cool game! Hold the click down for extra power and release the ultimate hit just in time to send your opponent to the floor. Make sure you finish the game and claim your title!