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Dodgeball Brawler


The Dodgeball Brawler game is among the most complex and detailed games you can find over internet. It has a well lined-up set of rules, making it easy for you to learn and master the rules of being the winner. Among all dodgeball games to play, this one will definitely challenge you, determining you to make the most out of your dodgeball skills. 

Like in most of the dodegeball games online, in this one you will need to take down and take OUT all of your opposing Dodgeball Brawlers .If your hit each player three times in a row with the red rubber ball, you succeed, so get your competition skills out of the closet and lets play!

Click and drag your dodge brawler around the bottom half of your dorm lounge to line up a throw or to get your team out of the way from the incoming fire blasts. When you search for dodgeball games to play, you of course hope to encounter such well detailed games like this one, with such cute characters that make the game more enjoyable.

To power-up a throw, use your left click to hold it down until you are all charged up. Send your devastating shots and don't leave time for your opponent to regain strength. Keep the blasts going and you won't be disappointed you tried this special game among all of those dodgeball games to play. Also, if you use your space-bar, you will activate a shield of protection for your player as long as he has energy. Keep an eye on that power-meter, because if you run out of energy, your shield is also gone!

To make the game even more complex and interesting, cans of 180 Energy Drink will randomly shoot out of the drink machine. Grab one and slam it back to unlock some super powers like extra energy or super shield powers. As you eliminate the competitor, you will get to challenge tougher and tougher teams. So make sure you have what it takes to beat them all and make your team the wining one! Remember when you look for dodgeball games to play, try this awesome Dodgeball brawler challenger!