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Water Balloon Dodgeball


Replacing the usual dodgeball hit with water balloon is an incredibility fun thing to do! Just try this super fun challenging game and you'll definitely reconsider all other free online dodgeball games. Once you replace the standard dodgeball with this awesome dodge-balloon, you'll taste the fun and notice the difference! So let's start the challenge!

To play, use the left/right arrows to make your best shot . Hold down the left mouse button to power up, but let go before you soak yourself. Holding down the click too much might make the balloon explode in your face and you'll be the one getting the water balloon blast. All free online dodgeball games will teach you the fine line between a great long dodge throw and a total disaster of over-trying too hard. So, in this game, make sure you know that difference and release the water balloon before exploding up in your face!

To increase the fun factor, you have an "enemy humiliation" level, as well as an indicator for your own humiliation. So watch out for the humiliation danger and make sure you are the absolute winner, like always, in these free online dodgeball games.

Test your opponent's skills and agility, be prepared for a sensational hit and learn when to dodge and when to dive out. Have confidence in your dodgeball powers but retreat when necessary to prevent yourself from the humiliation of being soaked.

Other dodgeball games will have you blast a simple ball into your opponent's territory,but this super fun game introduces a super cool factor: the water blast. So, with such a great add-on, no wonder this is among the coolest free online dodegball games you can find!

Be the absolute winner and soak your opponent in shame! Play this water balloon dodgeball game and prove you can win any challenge in all free online dodgeball games! The Water Ballon Dodgeball game is a great way to state your supremacy and domination above all!