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A super amazingly funny game reveals before your eyes. Lazo, Raj and Clam, the cute cartoonish characters must protect Camp Kidney from the space invaders. Make sure you are worthy of this honor, really, to defend the planet and use your best skills to dodge the attackers' hits and dive well to hit them hard. Among all free dodgeball games over internet, you will definitely find this one to be on every top list. The easy going funny faces of your players will increase your entertainment level making for a special dodgeball fun session. The free dodgeball games you can find over internet are proud to present you with this rare, high-quality one, that promises a great time!

As you'll see, Beaned is also very suitable to be one of those dodgeball games for kids. With its graphics all cartooned-down to funky looking characters, no wonder this will be their firs pick among free dodgeball games. Every kid will enjoy spending time with the trio of dogeball challenge, trying their best to be one of the team themselves.

To play, aim with the mouse and click to send your best shot over to the invaders. Like all free dodgeball games, your hits must be accurate and your duck-techniques really advanced. Make sure you know when to retreat and when to attack in order to win this battle and save Camp Kidney. The invaders might have fierce looks, but you can team up with the three little boys and win them over with a great dodgeball strategy.

So let's have some mega fun in this ultimate dodgeball adventure, as you side-up next to Lazo, Raj and Clam in their quest to save the world. Among all of the free dodgeball games, the final goal of this particular one is really noble: saving the planet! Remember to be careful and stay safe, or else you'll get beaned by the invaders!