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The Show


This awesome Show game will definitely teach you a thing or two about team work, dodging and driving for the ball, as well as how to use your skills to win. lay this game is you consider yourself to be a professional player and also if you like a good old-school team competition.

To play this incredible challenging-gem among all dodgeball games, you will have to get inside the character's skin. You are the average Joe's Gym Dodgeball Team at the Vegas international Tournament and you are there to win all dodge-ball games and competitions. Prove your dodgeball skills as you try to take down all the other competitor teams. Battle through five rounds of single elimination dodge-ball action to claim the championship and your trophy. Stay in the game and try to implement all the thing you have learned playing all other dodgeball games, since this one will definitely ask a lot out your skills.

To play, follow these simply rules: drag the players to move , to pick up a ball just move over it and to through, hold and release the click to launch your ball! Players will dodge and catch the ball automatically. Make sure the opponent team doesn't get the chance to catch your balls or else you'll be eliminated from the game, one player after the other. To win the challenge you need to stay in the game and don't loose your players! Be quick in reactions, just like in all dodgeball games you have played before, and remember to keep a safe guard as well. 

Among all free online dodgeball games , this one will test your team work and abilities, making you strive to be the best in your team and on the field. So if you're looking for interesting dodgeball games for kids, you have come to the right spot. The Show is indeed one of the coolest dodgeball games, with great graphics and simple rules. Si get ready, get he ball and claim your trophy in the great tournament!