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Teelonians Clan Wars


In this kind of fighting games pc you will have to defend yourself from the Romans waves. At the beginning of the game you will see three buttons. The start button, the option button and the credit button. By pressing the option button you will see that you can adjust the music volume for the game, or you can choose the graphic for the game, or you can choose the sound effect to be on or off and also you can choose the custom cursor to be on or off.

Like in each fighting games pc you have a mini story. In this one you see your village happy and pleased, but after a few weeks, and a false truce, the Romans decides to attack you. At the start of the game you can play a tutorial round to learn how to play this kind of fighting games pc. While the tutorial is played you will hear that the teutans are building the camps around you and they wait the right time to attack you. Also your army is at your command and is ready for the battle and ready to die for your kingdom. Your mission is to stop the enemies from breaching your defense. You have to pick your troops from the unit bar displayed on the top part of the screen, then click on the yellow circle on the war field to place them. Order your troops to switch position with another units with the swap button. After you pressed the swap button, pick the units you want to swap. Remember you can only swap the unit on the same line, and you cannot swap buildings with other units. If you’re lacking of money, you can sell your units with half price with the retreat button. Press it and then select the units you want to sell. Try to use any trick to stop the Romans waves to save your settle.

By practicing this type of fighting games pc you will be the best at Teelonians Clan War. Also at this kind of sport games online you can improve your strategy battle and become the best commander that ever existed.