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Paparazzi Punch Out


Let’s see what would happen if you take some celebrities and put them in the boxing ring with you?! Who would you like to box against? These Paparazzi boxing games give you this opportunity! Although the graphic is quite bad and the game seams old the fun it can bring you is unlimited!

If you want to see who gets to be the winner from this fight you definitely have to play Paparazzi Punch Out! These Practice boxing games are exactly what you need when you need to take it out on somebody! They are very calming even if they are quite violent!

This game can be played using the arrow keys, and because the whole game you will stay still you only have to use the buttons to throw punches and defend yourself! Aren’t you curious who will get out a winner from all these Paparazzi boxing games? The only way for you to find out is to start playing Paparazzi Punch Out!