Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Luxury Italian Race


Like expensive luxury cars and astronomic speeds?Ferrari and Lamborghini are your musses? Than you have to try Italian racing games. Hop on this wild ride along the Italian country side  sprinkled with olive tress and freshly cut grass between the heavy champions of luxury cars. Put your powerful engine in full speed and push your reflexes to the limit, better than all asphalt racers out there, trying to surpass your luxurious competitors in the drive of your life.

The road may seam straight and great for speed but be careful for the sharp corners around the hills cause they are dangerous and will get you to damage your car. But don’t get discouraged if you don’t surpass your competitors the first road, just keep your eyes on the road and your reflexes sharp and try to cut the curves so to let the other cars in a cloud of dust and exhaust gas. Push the pedal in the max and be the champion of this luxury Italian race games.