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Nasty Car


If you're here looking to play NASCAR games online you're in a bit of luck. We've browsed the internet looking for the best titles and put them all here on our website. So have a go with Nastycar Racing or browse through Sport Games Arena and select other NASCAR games online.

Nastycar starts with a relatively complex menu in which you can pick different settings, such as system speed and music volume but also a paint job for your NASCAR racer. And then it's go time! Similar to the real NASCAR races, drafting behind a car will make the difference. Since there are no turns you only have to press left and right on the arrow keys to drive on the track. Similar to the other online NASCAR games we have on our website the drafting speed increases with the number of cars that are driving bumper to bumper in front of you.

So if you're on a lane and there's no car in front, you're going the slowest – strange as it may be this is true in most new NASCAR games on the Internet. If you're behind a car you're going faster and if you are behind 2-3 cars you are going at even higher speed. It will get a while to get used to the fact that if you want more speed you need to be behind a car and not in front of it.

Enjoy Nastycar Racers and see if you can make it to the top of the pack or try some other NASCAR games online.