Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Horse Jumping Champs


Love sports and animals ? Think you have what it takes to control a horse? Than try your skill and sharpness in this horse jumping champs games. When handling a horse you have to be gentle and quick so sharpness of senses is a must. To get to champion status you have to learn and your horse has to get used to you so don't give up if you first don’t succeed. Handling these beautiful and smart animals is a art so it takes practice and time. The horse needs get used to building stamina up so it can keep going and even jump with a humans wight on its back. Push the left and right arrow keys to keep the horses stamina up and the space bar to jump. Be careful cause if you push to early or to late the horse will tip the obstacle and loose points and stamina. So get out there and prove you and your horse are worthy to bet on in the horse jumping games.