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Pennys Courageous Ride


At these games your goal is to reach the finish before the time runs out. You will use your mouse to control your player. The timing is everything at these horse riding games for girls. Use your agility and avoid all the obstacles that are standing in your way. By playing this amazing game you will definitely improve your skills at these horse riding games for girls.

Use your mouse and your keyboard to play this amazing game. To move Penny up and down, drag your mouse up and down on the screen. To give your horse an extra boost of speed, and also to move Penny faster drag your mouse to the left of the screen, but also be careful because this way you won’t be able to see your incoming obstacles. Press the space bar key of your keyboard to jump with your horse. These are your obstacles at this game: logs, rock walls and fences. Jump over them because a jump is worth 750 points. Also an unsuccessful jump will cost you a horse life. You will start this game with 5 horse’s lives. Don’t waste them unwisely.

During the game if you want to add some extra points to your final score pick some carrots and some apples that are standing in your way while you are riding. All you have to do is to cross over them and they will be automatically added to your final score. Upper on the screen the time of this game will be displayed. Also there you can also see how many points do you have, and how many lives do you have left.

The Pennys Courageous Ride game is one of the free horse racing games that you can choose to play anytime you want only on this amazing site. Enjoy playing these horse riding games for girls and don’t forget to subscribe your highest score to our worldwide list of horse riding game to see where you stand at these games.