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Horse Ranch


At these free horse racing games your goal is to successfully manage a horse ranch. Use both your mouse and your keyboard to control your player at these free horse racing games. Pay attention to the game and to its hints and you will definitely make a good move. By playing this amazing game you will definitely improve your skills at these free horse racing games and also you will improve your skills at managing a business.

Use your mouse to manage your business and also your keyboard to whip up your horse while racing to improve his skills. You will need first of all to but yourself a horse. Also buy some food for your horse and then go practicing by pressing the improvement button. By doing that you will go to a race and you will compete against other players. If you beat them your horse will improve his speed and his recoveries, if you don’t, try again. After you start your ranch, you will be invited to a various horse races which require an entry fee. You will only have 3 years to develop a successfully horse ranch. So be sure not to waste any time.

During the race use your space bar key to whip your horse. Whipping the horse will make it run faster, but keep an eye on your horse’s stamina. If you run your horse to faster, it will run out of energy and considerably slow down. After you win some races and you will get your money, invest them into 2 good and cheap horses. Train them and beat all your opponents to win all your races and finally the game.

Horse Ranch is one of the coolest free online horse racing games that you can choose to play whenever you want only on this marvelous site. Enjoy playing these free horse racing games anytime you want and don’t forget to submit your highest score to our worldwide list of free horse racing games. Good luck!