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If you are eager to play horse riding games that are fun and can be played by everyone you have to try Hestekor! This game is quite strange for a game like this because you don’t really have to do anything. It is not challenging, only fun. So, if you want to play a game that can surely relax you without keeping you on edge this is the perfect relaxing game.

What is so extraordinary about Hestekor is the fact that it can be played by small children, and seam the best game and also by adults as a means of calming down and having a little bit of fun. When you want to relax a bit just click on the horses and you will surely not resist from laughing or smiling! What you actually have to do when you play horse riding games like this one here is to click on the horses in order to make a song. 

Yes! You will actually make the horses sing, you will be the composer and they will be your quire! Easy and interesting, hum? So, play these free online horse riding games and see how much fun a simple game can bring to all of you!

Who could say that by making some horses sing can be this entertaining?! So get to work! You have a quire made by 4 horses that are waiting to sing; each with their own voice and tones. Click on them and they will nonetheless start singing what they know. This way you play horse riding games and also see how creative you can be when it comes to making a song from the simplest tones ever! 

What are you still waiting?! Let’s see how creative you can be! Put your imagination to work and play horse riding games right now! You will see that the fun you have playing Hestekor can not be compared with any other game!