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City Surf


At these surfing games online you will need to control your player with the keyboard to collect as many points as you can. Those points will appear like the dollar mark. Also to get some extra time to be able to finish you levels you will have to collect some extra time. These objects will appear like some clepsydras.

You will have a limited time at these surfing games online to complete your levels. Also at the start of the game you will receive 3 lives. Each time you couldn’t reach the finish line in time you will lose a live. So be careful and hurry to complete all your levels.

Use your arrow keys at these surfing games online to move your surfer side to side on the river. Avoid the obstacles that are in your way to avoid getting crushed. These obstacles will slow you down and by this you will lose some precious time. Avoid them by overcoming or by jumping over them. You will have to use your space bar key to jump over those obstacles at these surfing games online. You will find on the river some ramps. If you decide to jump over them, while you will be in the air, press the 1 or the 2 key to perform some tricks.

Mind! You can perform a stunt only when you are jumping from the springboard or when you got high speed. If you succeed in performing your stunt you will get an extra score. If you don’t, you lose scores. Only by practicing you will be able to complete all your levels. Don’t be afraid if you won’t be able to do them all at your first attempt.

City Surf is the best game of these free online surfing games. If you play some extra rounds you will improve your skills at these surfing games online and you will be able to make as many high scores as you want. Enjoy playing this amazing game on our site whenever you want.